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Testimonials For CHESSIE:

We love CHESSIE so much...there really are no words for what it has meant in our homeschool. My boys have been involved since 2012 and it has blessed us in so many ways. They look so forward to CHESSIE Thursdays to learn science in a fun way, do great experiments and play sports with some of their best friends. I trust the teachers and staff at CHESSIE implicitly and know that my children are well cared for and loved. I have appreciated the priority that teachers and staff put on safety, communication with parents and making it a FUN and engaging learning environment. The community of Christian homeschoolers is such an encouragement and we foresee this program being a part of our homeschool for many years to come!! --Katie A.

We have LOVED our involvement with CHESSIE. My three children have participated in Group 2, 3, 4, and Life Science. Kathy Pierson provides an organized, hands-on approach to science, while at the same time allowing flexibility for the parent to cater the program to the needs of their specific child. There is always ample information and resources provided and even extra tips on how to dig deeper at home on any given topic. Kathy also manages to throw in a field trip at least once a semester as well. I am continually impressed with Kathy’s attention to detail and weekly feedback; she is amazing! In addition, my kids have always enjoyed the sports time and the opportunity to make new friends. CHESSIE truly has been a wonderful addition to our weekly homeschool schedule. —Rachel A. (August, 2015)

CHESSIE is a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy hands on science classes and many sports activities. My boys have attended for several years. We love the special attention we receive from excellent teachers and staff. The sports time gives the children a lot of time to play games and enjoy getting to know one another. We LOVE it!                -----Mary S.    

Our family has been a part of CHESSIE for 2 years now and I cannot say enough great things about Kathy Pierson. She is a gifted teacher and you can tell that she truly loves science and being with the kids. She has a heart for the Lord and it comes through in all of her dealings with parents and students. Both of my boys have truly enjoyed having Mrs. Pierson as their science teacher. She does a fantastic job of bringing hands on work and field trips into the mix to keep the kids excited and learning. Over the past two years she has invited multiple speakers throughout the year to come and help the kids delve deeper into the topics they are studying. After a field trip she often sends out a montage of pictures of all our kids! Behind the scenes she puts in untold hours creating very detailed hands-on materials for each child. In addition to science classes each child has a sports time. In the winter when there is snow on the ground, it isn't unusual to find the kids sledding. On rainy afternoons during our first year I can remember coming to pick up my older son, often finding him engrossed in an ongoing game of Settlers of Catan. This co-op has been a true blessing to our family. I can't thank Kathy enough!                          ---CIndy H.

My 16 year old daughter found Mrs. Shelton’s Biology class to be enjoyable, interesting and challenging.Sharon’s educational background and previous work experience in a lab setting along with her own experience in teaching her children at home have created a perfect learning opportunity for high school students. My daughter benefited from a lab-rich environment that enabled her to develop a good sense of scientific inquiry, lab protocol and the opportunity to literally explore the wonders of God’s creation from microscope work to a wide variety of dissections. Mrs. Shelton’s class was my daughter’s first outside of our home school. The need for self-direction was there but framed in a schedule and supported by thelecture/classroom discussions. She’s looking forward to Chemistry this year with Mrs. Shelton                 ---Anne F

My 16 year old son has taken Mrs. Shelton's Apologia Biology and Apologia Chemistry courses. I appreciate the individual attention that Mrs. Shelton gives each student. When my son was confused and had a question during the week, he would call Mrs. Shelton and she was always very generous with her time to help him. He has excelled in her classes and I know it is because of her interest in each student and the time that she takes to get to know each one and to encourage them. I really appreciate the opportunity that he has had to have her as a teacher. I also have appreciated the great field trips that she planned for these high school classes. The canoe trip on the Rivanna River with the Chesapeake Bay foundation as the grand finale to the biology class was amazing. What a great educational opportunity for the students testing water samples and having a chance to see biology in action. During chemistry, the class was able to visit the eurocomposites plant in Culpeper . This was a challenging field trip for these students. Mrs. Shelton has done a fabulous job teaching the high school courses at CHESSIE.

--Kathy P.

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