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Supervision, Discipline, Conduct, and Dress Code Policies

Supervision & Discipline: is very important that all CHESSIE members realize we represent home education, and that we should demonstrate exemplary behavior for our peers, our faculty, and for the church which we have been so graciously allowed to use. Please instruct your children, that at all times our actions and attitudes should honor our Lord Jesus Christ. “Whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord". At CHESSIE, we expect great behavior. If an adult corrects a student, and he/she responds respectfully and returns to appropriate behavior, no further action will be needed. If a student responds disrespectfully and/or does not return to appropriate behavior, or if the offense is considered serious by the observant adult, the adult who was with the student will contact the parent. If behavior improves, no further action is needed. If a teacher or staff member documents three infractions by one student, it may become necessary to have a parent come to CHESSIE with the child. We have not had this situation happen, because homeschool families have been very supportive of our staff and problems have been resolved quickly in a Christ-like manner. We are hopeful that this parent support will continue and any student that has exhibited inappropriate behavior will correct it quickly.

CHESSIE dress code:

Please dress modestly. The following are against our dress code: shorts shorter than fingertip, dresses/skirts/skorts shorter than the knee, spaghetti strap tops, low cut blouses, clothing that reveals midriff area when either sitting or standing, sheer and skin-tight clothing (even if worn over a tank top), shirts with inappropriate pictures ragged drastically colored hair (light coloring fine) pierced jewelry other than girls’/women’s earrings. Anything that could be a distraction to others should be avoided.

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