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  1.  I can't find the password to the protected pages on our website! The password for this school year, 2021-2022 will be given out at orientation. If you misplace it, please ask another parent for the password. Do not send a message through the contact form on the website and do not e-mail Mrs. Pierson. Thank you for your understanding.
  2.  My child wants to have a birthday party and I need the e-mail addresses of the parents of her classmates. How can I get them? Go to the website page labeled 'service hours and roster'. You can find the e-mail addresses there. Need your child's class list? Look through the roster and you will see what class is listed by student's names. You can easily get the information you need. Please do not e-mail Mrs. Pierson for this information.
  3.  When is tuition due each month? Tuition is typically collected on the last Thursday of each month. There are a few exceptions to this. The tuition dates are found on the CHESSIE calendar, which is found on the announcements page.
  4.  What should I do if I will be away on the date that tuition is due?  You can pay through venmo or paypal (check the teacher's payment methods) You may mail the check to your child's teacher, or you may wait and give it to the teacher the next week. If you are away that week too, you will need to mail your tuition to your child's teacher. All tuition should be paid --at the latest--by the Thursday after tuition payment is due.
  5.  What happens if my tuition payment is more than 2 weeks late? If this happens, your child's teacher may require you to pay a semester's tuition at a time.
  6. How much is the material fee for the year? Material fees for each class = $50 per child and is due at registration. Material fee payments are non-refundable after June 15.
  7. What should I do if my child is absent from CHESSIE on a day that handouts are given out? Check the website for the handouts for Mrs. Lepage and Mrs. Pierson's classes. Contact the highschool teachers directly if you need a copy of something.
  8. What should I do if I have a suggestion for a science class or sports activity? Please feel free to e-mail your child's teacher or Kathy Pierson at any time during the school year to give feedback for CHESSIE. CHESSIE is set up to serve the needs of the families participating and we want to hear from you. Please e-mail Pip Chambers if you have suggestions for the sports area.
  9. What should I do if my child tells me that they had an injury or a problem with another student during sports? If you have concerns about something that happened during sports time, please contact the staff member who was present during that time. Karen Miller is the sports area coordinator and is also a good contact for sports-related concerns or suggestions. A list of CHESSIE staff and the time they work can be found on the staff page of the website.
  10. I just found out mid-year that my family is moving out of state. What is my tuition obligation? Please look at the page on the CHESSIE website titled tuition information for the amount of the remaining tuition you are required to pay.
  11. I don't remember when I am scheduled for service hours. What do I do? Please check the 'service hours and roster' page of the website for an up=to-date schedule. I have a sick child and need to stay home on a day that I am scheduled to do service hours. What do I do? Please check the website sub list for contact information. You are responsible to find a sub. If you contact at least 5 subs and are unable to find one, please contact Katie Arnold, our service scheduler, Karen Miller, or Kathy Pierson for help.
  12. What happens if I don't show up to work my scheduled service hours. You will be required to pay a fee of $25 and you may lose your privilege to participate at CHESSIE. It is crucial to the safety of our CHESSIE students that parents are present to work their shifts.
  13. How many service hours am I required to work a semester? The number of service shifts varies from year to year based on the needs of CHESSIE. Service shifts may be scheduled during sibling care (10-11, 11-12 ,12-1, or 1-2), parking lot supervision as parents and students arrive and depart (12:45-2:15 OR 2:15-3:45 OR 3:45-5:15). Cleaning shift from 4-5, building Monitor. Please see the CHESSIE website "parent resources" page, service hours and roster, for job descriptions.
  14. CHESSIE Scholarship Fund: Families may turn in payments to help families in need with tuition at any time during the school year. Checks should be made out to Kathy Pierson with "scholarship fund" in the memo area or venmoed or paypalled to the CHESSIE fund indicating that it is to be used for a scholarship. If you are in need of a scholarship, please contact Kathy Pierson to see what availability we have for the coming year. Scholarship assistance is given on a first-come-first served basis and as many needs as possible will be addressed.
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