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Christian Home Educator's Science & Sports Institute

is a Christian Homeschool Science & Sports Group with a strong focus on hands on--lively science classes full of experiments and activities. Students learn about God's creation through their studies of many science topics. Classes are available for students in Kindergarten through high school. During their sports hours, students may join in a competitive sports game such as dodgeball or capture the flag, visit with friends, play a board game, etc. Groups K-3 have sports leaders. Students in grades 4-7 have many activities to choose from & also the option to participate in a modified Presidential fitness program. 


If you are interested in classes for the 2023-2024 school year, please send a message through the contact form of the website to see what space is available.

Science Classes are taught from a Christian perspective. Classes are an interactive time for students to explore and experiment, bringing the topic of study alive for them as they learn about God's creation through the study of science. The goal of our classes is to create an excitement for science in our students while teaching them how to think scientifically.

CHESSIE is a support group for parents who have chosen to homeschool their children. We are not a private school. Weekly classes on Thursdays----Location--at an area church

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CHESSIE is held at an area church

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