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Mrs. Kathy Pierson

CHESSIE Administrator and Science Teacher

Classes Taught:

Groups 2A, 2B ,3,4A, 4B & grade 7

 Life Science



Mrs. Karen Miller

Sports Area Coordinator

Member of the Administrative team



Emerson Holmes

Group #K class assistant

Emerson is excited for her 9th year at CHESSIE! She is a social butterfly, likes reading, writing, sewing and biking. Emerson enjoys mushroom hunting and selling her finds to local restaurants.

Mollie has been a part of CHESSIE as a student since she was six years old. Mollie enjoys biking, being outside, and seeing her friends. She is looking forward to helping the younger students again  this year.


Sierra Miller

Rotating teen sports leader 





Sierra is 15 years old and has been homeschooled since preschool. She loves sports, especially swimming competitively. She enjoys working with young children and guiding them to know more about Christ. She spends much of her free time making and editing videos and she serves on the audio/video production team at her home church of Calvary Chapel Fluvanna.

Clara Otto

Sports assistant, group 2A

I am 15 years old. I enjoy horseback riding, reading, and playing with my goats and cats. I have been attending CHESSIE for six years. I am looking forward to helping with the 2nd grade sports this year.


Graham Huddleston is a 11th grader taking Physics at CHESSIE. This will be his 3rd year of CHESSIE. He is the oldest of a family of four children. He enjoys Legos,  reading, and airsoft. He is looking forward to helping with the  second grade sports this year.

Xavier  Huddleston

Teen sports leader on the

field 11:00-12:30

Fitness class assistant,
group 3 & Life Science

Chyler is in 8th grade and has been homeschooled since preschool. She loves baking, cooking, soccer, swimming, and arts and crafts of all kinds. Last Christmas she made and sold over 100 hot cocoa bombs and bath bombs. She loves creating things! She also enjoys working with young children and has helped at her home church VBS and in the Children's Ministry. She spends much of her free time talking with her friends and hanging out with her family. She is excited to  help with the fitness classes this year.


Keira Griffith

Sports Assistant, Grade #1


Hi I’m Keira! I love playing soccer, baking, acting, and making jewelry or other crafty things! I’m the oldest of three kids in my family. I have two younger brothers and really love helping take care of other littles! I’m super excited to help at CHESSIE again this year!


McKenna Nappi

Sports assistant  for groups K& 1

McKenna will be in 9th grade this year. She likes to draw, write, do jiu jitsu, and watch movies. She's also a fantastic baker! McKenna helped with CHESSIE summer camps for 2 years and is looking forward to working with the students this year.

Kate Thompson
sports assistant, group #K

Sharon homeschooled her children from 1996-2020. She and her husband, Brian have four children; Mary, Abigail, Robert , and John .Sharon has B.S. and M.S. degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology from Mississippi State University and came to Charlottesville after college for a job in the Diagnostic DNA lab at UVA Hospital. She worked there for 7 years, carrying out tests for cystic fibrosis, paternity, hepatitis C and other DNA related issues. Over the years, she has enjoyed using her background to teach science in group settings with children of various ages. Sharon especially enjoys teaching high school level science classes using the Apologia Curriculum. She believes scientific study enables the wonder and mystery of our Creator to be revealed and also provides insights, answers, and avenues to serve and bless people through what is discovered. She has taught highschool science classes at CHESSIE since 2009. She has been teaching high school science classes at ACTS homeschool co-op since 2015. The Shelton’s attend Christ Community Church.

Amber Basener
Astronomy & Physics Teacher

Amber and her husband, Bill, have five children;

Abigail, Wesley, Lila, J.T., and Margo. Amber graduated from Alfred University, in Alfred NY with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, and a concentration in Physics. After graduating she taught middle school science at a small private school for a year, and then taught high school Chemistry and Physics at Carver High School, just outside of Plymouth Massachusetts for three years. She has always enjoyed the physical sciences. In studying and teaching them her favorite topics were analytical and physical chemistry and in Physics, she really enjoys mechanics. Amber and her family attend Blue Ridge Community Church.

Renee Cothran
Teacher: K, 1. 1/2



Hannah Huddleston

Activity Leader 2A/2B 


















Hannah and her husband, Ben, moved to the Charlottesville area in December 2020. They have four children (Graham, Xavier, Margaret, and Quinne). The Huddlestons have been homeschooling since 2019 and are very grateful to

be part of the CHESSIE community. Hannah has a bachelor’s degree in biology.

She is passionate about discovering the fingerprints of God in all that He has

made and looks forward to discovering more of the wonder of creation with

the CHESSIE students this year. The Huddlestons attend Crosslife Community Church.

Renee joined the CHESSIE staff in 2013 after moving to the Charlottesville area from Colorado Springs. Renee has been a classroom assistant and a sports leader for 7 years. For fall 2021, she is looking forward to moving into the role of science teacher with these young students. She has always had an interest in God’s creation; what we can learn from it; and how it points us to a God of beauty, order, and intelligence. She is excited to use her decades of experience working with students to nurture curiosity about the natural world as well as to bring other science-related topics to life in the classroom. Renee holds an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Central Arkansas. Renee joined the Summit Ministries staff full-time in 1996. Renee loves outdoor activities, is involved in leading the worship ministry at church, and has taught piano to young people since she was in high school. Renee and Todd have four children—David, Jonathan, Maggie, and Mollie. They attend CrossLife Community Church

Mrs. Jacque Spruill

Supervising Mom and Morning Coordinator



                       Mrs. Christylynn Flynn--

                       Supervising Mom (2-4)


Jacque and her husband, Asher, have five children. She has been homeschooling since 2012, and has been involved with CHESSIE since 2013. She and her family attend All Saints Anglican church. 

After a year teaching in China, she came back to the U.S. and started

reaching out to international students who attend UVA. She and her family continue to welcome internationals to their home. Folks from other

nations find it fascinating to learn about homeschooling! She and her family attend Christ Community Church. Christylynn and her husband have four

children (Josiah, Constance, Parker, & Estelle). She attended UVA,

where she got her masters in Elementary Education and her bachelors in Communications. 

Mrs. Katie Arnold

Class assistant Group 1 & Group 1/2 & 2A/2B

Service Hour Scheduler 


Katie and her husband, Shaun, have four children: Pierce, Reid , Delaney, and Britton. They have always homeschooled and it is one of the greatest

blessings in their family. Her family loves CHESSIE, of which they have been

a part since 2012. Katie received a BA in Sociology from UVA and worked in community services until she became a stay-at-home mom in 2006. In her

free time, Katie enjoys running, cooking, reading and serving in her community--coaching soccer, delivering Meals on Wheels, running a kids' book club and Adventure Club for other homeschooling families. They attend Calvary Chapel Fluvanna and also love to serve there.

Mrs. Rebecca Palmer

Volunteer Adnministrative Assistant

Background check s & sign-in sheets

Rebecca graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Technology. Rebecca taught several years in the public school system in southeast Virginia before deciding to be a stay at home mother!. Her professional experience and desire to provide her children a Christian education led to home schooling all three of her children. Rebecca has a passion for reading and creating teaching methods to learn through play. She and her husband have a son and two daughters (Drew, Ellie and Kinley). Rebecca attends The Point Church.

Administrative Assistant

Assembly & updates to the roster

Christina is wife to Andrus and mom to Ruth and Gareth. She graduated from

the University of South Florida with a degree in Professional and Technical Writing. Her Juris Doctor is from The University of Mississippi School of Law where she taught legal research and worked with students on the Moot Court Board. Christina is now a non-practicing attorney, although she believes her training in that area has prepared her in several ways to be a homeschool

mama. (Anyone else mediate conversations and tell their children they are assuming facts not in evidence on a daily basis at your home??) In her free time, she loves to read, cook, listen to Supreme Court oral arguments, hike, and sew with and for her kiddos. Christina and her family attend All Nations Church.

Miss Lena Travis

Presidential Physical Fitness  Leader

Sports Leader for K & K/1


Karen Lemcke

Supervising Mom  (12:15-1:30)




Lena is a homeschooled high-school graduate (May 2021). She was homeschooled K-12th and has been at CHESSIE for her 5 high-school classes.  She has been on the teen staff of CHESSIE for the last 5 years and is so excited to be asked to lead the fitness class and  the K & 1 sports classes. Lena loves working with the kids at CHESSIE, helping them to listen and learn about God's creation, and being able to engage even the quietest of kids in activities and discussions. Lena is creative, kind, and a fast learner. She is always looking for an opportunity to help someone. Always joyful, Lena is easily amused and is known to spread joy to all nearby via her naturally bubbly personality.

Josiah is in the 10th grade and is taking chemistry at CHESSIE. He is the oldest in his family of 4 children. He likes all sports including soccer, basketball, football, capture-the-flag, jiu-jitsu, gaga ball, and track. Josiah plays violin and piano, enjoys math and reading, and likes taking care of his goats, chickens, and rabbits. He is passionate about God and evangelism. Josiah is looking forward to this year at CHESSIE!

Josiah Flynn

Teen sports leader on the field


Constance Flynn

Sports assistant for Group 1/2


Constance started homeschooling and attending CHESSIE in Kindergarten and is now a Biology Science student in the 9th Grade. She loves sharing with others about Jesus. Constance’s favorite activities include sports, babysitting, reading, playing music, and playing board games. She attends Christ Community Church, where she helps in the nursery. She enjoys all kids, but especially CHESSIE kids!

Reid Arnold

PPF assistant for group #3

Reid is a 8th grader who has been at CHESSIE since 2015. He is extremely extroverted and makes friends very easily. Reid loves anything to do with sports, but especially basketball! He also plays soccer and piano. Reid enjoys being active outside and is excited to help with the Physical Fitness class this year (one of his favorite things about CHESSIE)!



Ellie Palmer

Class Assistant 2B/3 (APPLES & BANANAS)




Ellie is a 9th grader and taking Biology She enjoys spending time with family

and friends, playing softball, riding horses, swimming and walking her dog, Oakley. She is looking forward to working with Mrs. Pierson and grades 3&4 students this year. 

Ben Marshall
Sports assistant for 2B

Lena Garber,
Fitness Class Assistant
Group #3

"Hi my name is Kate. I am in 8th grade. I am the middle child of 7 in my family. My activities include ballet, karate, and basketball. I also enjoy arts and crafts in my free time. This is my first year helping at CHESSIE. I am looking forward to it!"

Giana "Gia" Hines
Sports assistant, group 2B


Mrs. Sharon Shelton
Science Teacher
& part of the administrative team
Classes Taught: Physical Science, Biology, & Chemistry

Graham Huddleston

Sports assistant, group 1/2

Gianna (Gia) Hines

Gia is in 8th grade. She has always been homeschooled and

has attended both Acts and CC. Gia loves to play softball,

both as a catcher and at 3rd base. She also loves reading,

shopping, listening to music and hanging out with friends.

She has 4 siblings and enjoys working with kids!  Gia will be in physical science at CHESSIE this year.

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