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Modified Presidential Physical fitness class (groups 3,4A,4B, Life Science)

Contacts for the Physical Fitness program:
Katie Arnold
(group 4A and 4th graders in apples & bananas)

Trisha Thompson

4B & Life science classes

Material fee for this PE class:  $15 per semester ($30 for the year)

This year Physical fitness will be 45 minute time blocks. Students will efficiently use their classtime by following a schedule. Physical fitness will work on standing long jumps, push ups, sit-ups and sprints, sit and reach, and v-sit reach. The goal is to beat your scores each time, so you are competing with your own times. At the beginning of the year, students will establish and record their fitness goals. They will work hard each week to help them reach them. Students will receive a calendar schedule for the year at CHESSIE orientation. Some weeks, students will have time to play competitive games, where they will learn good sportsmanship. Students will have opportunities to play as a team and to practice good leadership as well as following directions well. Registered students will receive progress reports in order to share highlights with their parents.


Physical fitness class times: **please arrive on time as you would for any class.

 4B- 1:00-1:40

Life- 1:45 -2:25

3- 2:30-3:10

4A- 3:15-3:55

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